PPL Price to Compare – How Using a Price Comparison Site Can Save You Money on Your PPL Electric Rates

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PPL owns and maintains the poles, lines, meters, and other infrastructure that brings electricity into homes and businesses across its service area. But it’s not responsible for the power generation part of your bill, which is supplied by a third-party supplier that you choose when you shop for an electricity plan. The PA PUC oversees this process. PPL is required to provide a default electricity rate called the Price to Compare (PTC) to any customer that doesn’t select a competitive supply plan. Choosing a rate plan that’s less than this standard offer from a competitive provider saves you money on your PPL electric bill.

Using an energy price comparison site makes it simple to view available rates from licensed electricity suppliers serving ppl electric service territory. Plans are displayed along with the up to date ppl price to compare so that you can easily measure your potential savings against the default PTC rate. You can also view fixed rate plan options that lock in a low supply price for an extended period of time, providing you with budget certainty and protection from future PPL electricity rate increases that could be beyond your control.

While many of the plans offered by competitive electricity suppliers are lower than the PTC, some plans may be higher. When this happens, it’s important to review the details of each option before selecting a plan. In addition to comparing the prices of various rates, make sure to consider whether you want a fixed or variable rate plan and the length of contract. Some suppliers even offer perks and discounts for customers who purchase their plans.

Once you’ve found a rate that meets your needs, the switch to a new supplier takes place within one to two billing cycles. Then, your new electricity supplier will take over your service and you’ll start seeing your plan charges on the next bill. PPL will continue to manage and maintain the power lines, meters, and other infrastructure that bring electricity to your home or business.

Despite the fact that many customers are aware that they can switch to a competing rate supplier, some do nothing. But when their standard offer contracts expire, they are often switched to a plan that costs more than the utility’s default rate, wiping out any previous savings they had achieved.

When you use a reputable comparison site to compare the current offers from licensed electricity providers, you’ll be able to find an affordable rate that will help you save on your PPL electric bill. With a simple online application, you can get started shopping for an electricity plan today!

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