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Online Casino Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus corresponds to a strict return on investment, that is to say it is determined precisely according to the sum deposited. This is referred to a bonus which “matches” the deposit, which corresponds to the deposit.

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In fact, this is the percentage received based on the deposit made and it is very often in this form that the welcome bonus is offered. For example:

  • With the bonus at 100% of your deposit
  • If you deposit $20, 
  • You receive a $20 bonus
  • You can then play with $40. 
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The advantage of such a bonus is that it is generally not limited in amounts, or else limited to quite large amounts: between $100 and $1000 or even several thousand euros for the biggest casinos. 

Also, a player who is ready to invest $500 directly to play at the online casino, will receive in the event of a bonus match, a bonus of $500, and therefore will play with $1000.

The Conditions for Withdrawing From the Bonus Match

Most welcome deposit bonuses fall under the category of “match bonuses”, what changes however is the percentage offered. 

In the case of welcome bonuses, it can go up to 500% —but sometimes gradually, for example, divided into increments of 100% for each deposit. Which amounts to 5 match bonuses of 100%. 

Deposit Bonus vs Other Bonus Types

What often distinguishes a welcome bonus match and a subsequent bonus match is in fact the percentage offered. In the case of a regular bonus match, you can possibly get $500 in bonus, but by depositing $500, which therefore requires more resources. 

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In the case of a welcome bonus match, according to the example chosen above of 500%, then you will only need to deposit $100 to benefit from the $500 bonus if the bonus is valid on a single deposit.

Ultimately match bonuses are common, they are not just limited to welcome deposit bonuses but adapt to all situations a bit. 

However, keep in mind that the bonus match, no matter how interesting, is almost always subject to specific withdrawal conditions which are designed to protect the casino from abuse. 

Deposit Bonus Conditions

The bonus match is generally conditioned on a number of bets before it can be withdrawn. Most casinos require players to wager 20–30 times the cumulative deposit and match bonus amount in order to be able to withdraw their winnings. 

So, as always, read the terms of use carefully. 

The fact remains that the bonus match rewards the player in proportion to their deposits, and it is generally a good bonus for the regular player to take.


It doesn’t matter. The deposit bonus is based on your… deposit.

Both cash and free spins.

In most cases, yes. You’d check it out in the conditions of your casino.

In most cases, yes.